The best tips to visit Washington


Capitol in the National Mall of Washington

The capital of the United States, WashingtonIt is an essential visit if you consider a tourist trip along the East Coast.

Or even in atrip to the west coast in which you choose to stop in the east of the country.

I did that in metrip to the United States , when the return to the east of the country was destined for the aforementioned capital with the aim of visiting it and taking a car tour through other nearby areas.

Lincoln Memorial in the National Mall of Washington

There are innumerable images that we all have of the city of Washington, either by the cinema, or simply by the news, and when you arrive in the city you see that these images come true, that the places really exist.

He Capitol, the White House, the monolith of Washington Memorial, he Lincoln Memorial, he Pentagon or the Arlington National Cemetery, are scenarios that are in everyone's memory and that, I anticipate, your visit will not disappoint you.

And this is precisely one of the first features of Washington.

Despite the many times we have been able to see the images of those places, when you can really see them live do not disappoint.

It does not happen as with other places that you can also have in your retina and that, when you arrive at the site, you are left with the feeling that you expected something else.

To give an example of the United States itself, personally that is the frustrating feeling I had when I visited Hollywood.

Besides, the visit to Washington It is very comfortable and simple, since most of the sites to visit are concentrated around the incredibly huge meadow that is called National Mall.

Around it you find a succession of monuments, museums and official buildings whose visit will take you at least a full day.

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Curiosities History Washington

He origin of the city of Washington dates back to 1785, when the United States Congress decided to build a “federal capital“.

Capitol in the National Mall of Washington

Finally it was agreed that it would rise on the banks of the Potomac River and own George Washington It was he who chose the location of the capital.

The design of this city was commissioned from a French architect named Enfant, whose initial project was developed throughout the nineteenth century.

Key point of it was the large landscaped avenue, the aforementioned National Mall, which with a length of more than a kilometer and a half, extends from the Potomac river to the building of Capitol.

At Mall you can visit the most important monuments and museums, and that should be the main objective of your trip to Washington.

What to see in Washington

Then I will indicate what are the main monuments that you should see on your visit to Washington.

National Air and Space Museum at the National Mall in Washington

Thus, the Capitol, he Air and Space Museum and the Washington Memorial must be essential visits when planning your trip.

Washington Capitol

At Capitol you can visit the exhibition of Visitors Center or make a free tour through the main rooms of the building, even by the roundabout, the interior of its great dome.

You can also visit the Thomas Jefferson Building of the Library of Congress.

What museums to see in Washington

He Air and Space Museum it is, from my point of view, the really essential museum to visit of all Smithsonian Institute museums.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington


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In this museum you will find an incredible collection of airplanes that have been protagonists in the history of airplanes, as well as airplanes that are already mythical in the history of the conquest of space.

In this regard I will also point out the National Museum of the American Indians, he National Museum of American History wave National Gallery of Art, a large art gallery with a collection of paintings and sculptures by European and American artists.

What monuments to see in Washington National Mall

The famous central monolith ofMall known as Washington Memorial It is going to be the main monument that you are going to see in Washington, because its great majesty gives it all the prominence in the National Mall.

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If you wish, you will have the opportunity to climb to the top of this great obelisk that was completed in 1884.

But the monuments of the Lincoln Memorial and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, just like him Thomas Jefferson Memorial and the Grant Monument that you find in front of the Capitol.

Arlington Cemetery in Washington

Specifically the aforementioned memorial dedicated to president lincoln It is another icon image of the city of Washington.

Arlington Cemetery

Apart, already out of National Mall, at Arlington National Cemetery, which is located on the other side of the Potomac river, you will find monuments and tombs of famous people from the history of the United States.

This has become one of the most typical visits to be made in the capital of the United States, during which you have the possibility to see the ceremony of the Changing of the Guard, as you can see in the video that accompanies this report.


Your visit to Washington must be completed with a walk through the streets of the central neighborhood called Georgetown, where you can enjoy the atmosphere of the city, in addition to seeing palatial houses Of great beauty.

Washington Tour from New York

If on your trip to the United States you are limited in time, and being in New York you do not feel like visit Washington on your own, you have the option to sign up for a Washington excursion,

This excursion will take you to visit the capital of the United States with a Spanish guide in one day.

Tours and Excursions in Washington

And if instead of visiting the city on your own you prefer to sign up for a Washington tour or guided tour with a guide in Spanish, you have different options.

Washington Memorial in the National Mall of Washington

For example, the guided tour of Washington in which in four hours you will tour the main corners of the capital, from the Capitol and the White House, to the Arlington Cemetery.

You can also sign up for a more specific Guided tour of Capitol Hill, which focuses on the monuments of said enclave that has as its nerve center the Capitol.

Another option is a Arlington Cemetery tour, where you will see its main corners, and in which you will also see the Pentagon and you will know some curiosities of its history.

From washington you also have the opportunity to make a excursion to Alexandria and Mount Vernon, the city where George Washington He spent much of his life.

Here you also have useful information about transfers between the airport and Washington.

Grant Monument in the National Mall of Washington

How to get to Washington

If you want to fly directly to Washington, there is no problem to find the right combination from Spain.

Keep in mind that the capital of the United States has three airports, he Baltimore-Washington International, located between both cities (32 miles from the capital, between 45 minutes and one hour), the Dulles airport, in the suburban area of ​​Virginia, and the Reagan National Airport (national flights), right next to the city, on the shore of the Potomac.

If your trip includes one car route along the east coast, and you leave from New YorkArriving in Washington means traveling 228 miles, under normal conditions, 4 hours of travel, but with heavy traffic, which is usual, is 5 hours.

Washington is located. also, 137 miles from Philadelphia, that is, two and a half hours.