This is the visit of Malibu and its beach on the Pacific coast


Houses on Malibu Beach near Los Angeles in California

Behind the Visit of Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive, in our road trip through the United States and Canada, We're going to Malibu, famous coastal town located west of the county of The Angels.

With a population of around 14,000 inhabitants, really Malibu It extends on a 43-kilometer line along the Pacific coast.

Famous for its climate and its sandy beaches, several media stars reside there and large California entertainment business companies are based.

Streets of Malibu near Los Angeles in California

The standard of living in Malibu It is high, and the rental price of houses, which are usually made of wood, is high. Since most of Malibu is residential, you find few banks and shopping centers.

On our visit to this famous town of the west coast of the United States, we toured almost all of the coastal area of ​​Malibu, round trip. By coinciding with a Sunday of a good summer day, on the road you find a lot of traffic.

During the tour, you can see many (but many ...) luxury cars. You also see quite a lot of unequivocal high-level restaurants, with lots of fish on the menu.

Malibu Beach near Los Angeles in California

Finally we found a place to park the car to eat. The restaurant was called Goggies, and was a few meters from the Malibu beach. We had to queue up, but we ate quite well.

As a curiosity, we have been talking with a fireman who was with his fire truck, with his striking red color and all his equipment, hoses, etc ...

Sports car in Malibu near Los Angeles in California

It is a vehicle that from his childhood attracts Miquel especially. Finally we get Miquel, the fireman, he could get on the truck, and we took several photos in which he cannot hide his great satisfaction. Dream achieved!

In Malibu We also visited a baseball field where a team was entering. The scenery was fantastic, as the countryside was located next to a cliff above the Pacific Ocean.

Malibu Beach

We decided to go for a walk on the beach, through an area of wooden houses features, all beautiful, all different, located on the same sea line.

It cost us, but we finally got to leave the car near a passageway to the beach.

Miquel in a fire truck in Malibu


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The houses follow each other, along the entire coast, and although I think the beach is public, it is not easy to access, so it is as if it were an almost private beach.

It has been a great sunny day, with good temperature, good atmosphere and enjoying in good company.

We return to the hotel, sharing the traffic jam suffered by the Angels returning from the beaches. From the highways we can see the downtown from some neighborhood of The Angels, quite spectacular.

We arrived at the hotel at a decent hour, with enough time to go to the supermarket, buy dinner and beers, and conclude the day by having dinner in Miquel and Dolors' room.


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