Linares Palace, artistic jewel and legends in the Plaza de Cibeles


Linares Palace in the Plaza de Cibeles in Madrid

If there is oneMadrid's architectural jewel, which is not known enough, from my point of view is theLinares Palace.

The madrileño Linares Palace has been popularly best known forlegends that wrap it up because of the artistic beauty it contains.

Or even for the charismatic movieNational Heritage of Berlanga, which in 1981 was filmed in the then abandoned palace.

Linares Palace from the roof of the Bellas Artes Circle

He Linares Palace, which is currently the headquarters of theHouse of america, is located in a strategic place of the city, in thePlaza de Cibeles,

Specifically, in the corner between the Alcala street and theRecoletos walk, and in front of Cibeles Palace, new headquarters of the city council.

Sure when going through Cibeles You have been struck by the beautiful facade of this palace, but if you have not had occasion to visit your interior, you are not aware of the enormous artistic wealth found in its rooms and outbuildings.

And the most surprising thing is that until it was declaredHistoric Artistic Monument In 1978, it was about to be destroyed by the great urban eagerness of the time.

Unfortunately that happened with other large and beautiful palaces that were located in that central and attractive area of ​​Madrid.

Gardens of the Linares Palace in the Plaza de Cibeles in Madrid

TheMarquises of Linares They lived in this majestic palace for 11 years, until his death.

HeLinares Palace He was then inherited by a goddaughter, and subsequently his property was passed through various companies, such as theTransmediterranean Company waveConfederation of Savings Banks.

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House of America in Cibeles

Then the palace spent a long period in which it was closed and abandoned, at which time it kept all its decoration and furniture.

Finally, in 1992, coinciding with the celebration of theFifth centenary of the arrival of Columbus in America, a consortium formed by theInstitute of Hispanic American Cooperation, hetown hall and theMadrid Province, they acquired it to become the headquarters of theHouse of america.

Linares Palace History

HeLinares Palace de Madrid was commissioned to build in 1872 byJose de MurgaMarquis of Linares, to live with his wifeRaimunda of Osorio.

It is possible that you know the palace precisely because of the relationship they both had and that generated one of the most famous legends of Madrid, theLegend of the Marquises of Linares.

The project ofPalace of the Marquises of Linares was carried out by the architectCarlos Colubí, which began work in 1877 on a plot where in advance there was a grain warehouse owned by theCity of Madrid.

It was in 1894 when theMarquises of Linares They moved to live in their new palace, although the works did not end until 1900.

HeLinares Palace It is an impressive artistic jewel, with three floors and an eclectic architectural style that mixes various very luxurious styles, such as Baroque, Rococo, theLouis XV and theLouis XV.

Linares Palace in the Plaza de Cibeles in Madrid

In its construction the best materials were used, such asCarrara marble or the Chinese and French silks.

And in its interior decoration collects works of the most prestigious artists, such as tapestries of theRoyal Factory, and works by various artists, such asCasto PalenciaManuel DominguezorFrancisco Padilla.

During thevisit inside the Linares Palace, in view of its sumptuous decoration and artistic richness, at some point you have the feeling of traveling theMadrid's royal palace, with the logical difference in the dimensions of the rooms and rooms.

This institution that developscultural activities in the palace of Linares, carried out a major reform commissioned to the architectCarlos Fuentes Fernandez.

Of course, at that time when the palace was closed, the aforementioned were generatedghost legends as a result of alleged psychophonies.

Gardens of the Linares Palace in Cibeles in Madrid

What to see in the guided tours of the Linares Palace

Forvisit the Linares Palace, in addition to attending one of the cultural events organized by theHouse of america, it is best to participate in any of theGuided visits.

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These are held on Saturdays and Sundays in the morning. in groups of no more than 30 people and lasting one hour.

In youvisit you will first visit thefirst floor of the palace, which was dedicated to daily life.

Even so, the decoration is really sumptuous, with floors where you will see Roman mosaics with tiles, and always with decorative style parallel to that of the ceilings.

Linares Palace in the Plaza de Cibeles in Madrid

Atbedroom you can see walls with french silks and oil paintings ofCaste Plasencia in the roof.

You will also see thedaily dining room, and you'll know that in theLinares Palace It did not have a large kitchen, because the Marquis made to bring food every day from theLhardy restaurant, and only had a small kitchen for the servants.

From one of the windows you will see the Dolls' house, a small wooden-style romantic pavilion, which is located in the palace gardens and had no specific function.

You will also see on the first floor theMusic roomdecorated in rococo style with music themes, the Game room, theSmoking room, very dark with its decoration with mahogany wood, and thelibrary.

Gardens of the Linares Palace in the Plaza de Cibeles in Madrid

In this room you can see the original furniture, a wooden coffered ceiling, and paintings with portraits ofQuevedoCalderón de la Barca andThe Quijote.

In the room that overlooks themain facade of the Plaza de Cibeles he passedMarquis of Linares most of the days until his death in April 1902, five months after the death of the Marquise. To that room he even moved his bed.

In thevisit to the Linares Palace you will go up to the second floor by theimposing staircase made with marbleCarrara byJerónimo Suñol.

On that second floor, used in its day for public events, is where you will find the most luxurious rooms.

It will call you the decoration of the circular gallery, with marble walls of different colors, reds, greens, etc.

HeGala Dining It is impressive for its dimensions and for a decoration that combines marble, walls with silks with golden edges, and the original tables and chairs in styleLouis XIV.

Gardens of the Linares Palace in the Plaza de Cibeles in Madrid

HeTea Room It is oriental in style, with all the decorative elements brought in its day of the East, such as silk tapestries, lacquered doors, and decorative motifs with dragons and mandarins.

After passing to two other rooms, such asDance HallWith a ceiling with mudejar crafts, you get to the very spectacularDance room.

Oval, decorated with golden tones, do not miss the access window to theMusicians Gallery which is on the third floor, where the marquetry floor also stands out.

The last stay that will surprise you in thevisit to the Linares Palaceis theChapel made with Byzantine Romanesque style.

As a curiosity, children who were going to be baptized in that chapel were lowered from a roof hole.

Linares Palace in the Plaza de Cibeles in Madrid

Schedules visit Linares Palace

For your information, the visiting hours of the Linares Palace They are Saturdays and Sundays, at 11, 12 and 13 hours, which is when guided tours begin.

These Guided visits They last one hour, including the preview of an eight-minute video with which you can learn about the history of the palace.

Ticket prices Linares Palace

The ticket prices (2019) for guided tours of the Linares Palace They are, generally, 8 euros, and 5 euros reduced for those over 65, retired people, students under 25, partially disabled and unemployed.

Linares Palace in the Plaza de Cibeles in Madrid

How to visit the Linares Palace for free

They can visit the palace of Linares for free those under 12 and people with total disability.

You can buy tickets directly at the headquarters of the House of america, from Monday to Friday, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Before the start of the visits on weekends, those that are available will also be put on sale.

Theatrical and night visits Linares Palace

Also throughout the year the first Saturday of each month (except in August) you can sign up for a theatrical visit of the palace of Linares.

Gardens of the Linares Palace in the Plaza de Cibeles in Madrid

These visits that take place from 6 pm to midnight will allow you to visit the palace with the help of period characters, so that you can get to know the palace with its own atmosphere of the 19th century.

With a duration of one hour, the schedules of the night visits of the palace of Linares It's 18, 19.30, 21 and 22.30 hours.

He price of admission it's 16 euros if you do the advance purchase, and 25 euros if you buy it just before the visit.

I assure you that you will enjoy visiting.